My two weeks hotel quarantine in Australia

(Hotel quarantine at the Novotel Sydney Darling Harbour)

If your planning to travel to Australia you would have heard about the two weeks hotel quarantine that you have to do. Before travelling to Australia I read so many blogs about people’s experiences in quarantine, most of them being really positive. I was a little nervous waiting to find out which hotel we would be staying at.

After you land you are guided through the airport to join a line which is transport that takes you to the hotel. You aren’t told where you are going, it’s a surprise. I know some people have mentioned they had the change to stay in the Hilton, I had hoped to get this hotel or something with a nice view. it’s all down to luck. You have to wait on a bus while each person is processed, the wait was 30min but some people waited longer.

The Hotel

The bus pulled outside the Novotel on Sydney Darling Harbour. The most important thing for me was having a good view is important so I thought I would at least have that. (This wasn’t the case) my view was apartment blocks, with no window that I could open for fresh air. I know a view people did have amazing views of the harbour so you could get lucky.  The hotel room it’s was spacious and even had a bath. It included a huge TV and a fridge with a small mini-bar with water and tea. I would strongly suggest bringing a laptop or games console and the channels didn’t work. (only the news channels worked which led me to binge-watch the US election. There is space to do laps around the room and exercise. No your not allowed to leave your hotel room!


As soon as you arrive you are giving your first meal within half an hour, you can also order from a discounted hotel menu and deliveroo. They ask you if you have any food allergies and if your vegetarian. You get three meals a day, with dessert included, and only drinks with breakfast.


You are only allowed to order a certain amount of alcohol per day. 1 bottle of wine per person or 6 beers per person. I ended up ordering a bottle on week 2 and having a silent disco.

Release day

It’s release day. I was a bit baffled at how this all works, but they give us a timeslot on the date of release, which was 4 pm-6 pm so you do a lot of sitting around and waiting.

Covid testing & care

You receive a call from a doctor every day who asks if your okay and goes through any COVID symptoms you may have. There is also a mental health doctor on call if needed. You then get a COVID test day 3 and day 10 along with temperature checks.



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