How to make your own Clay Earrings

(It’s easier than you think) 

Im not calling myself a pro at making Clay earrings I still have a lot to learn, i’m slowly getting there and enjoying being creative.

I thought I would put however a step by step guide on what you need to make your own Clay Earrings.

What you’ll need


  1. polymer clay (All colours)
  2. rolling pin that isn’t wooden.
  3. knife or clay cutter. I have been using a knife however im going be buying a cutter.
  4. jewelry pliers.
  5. earring posts and backs
  6. jewellery jump rings with open connectors
  7. Strong super clue

Remember you’re just starting out so don’t get to frustrated with designs, you’re learning. I found it hard to smooth the clay and get the design sizes the same. I make these for myself not to sell so I’m not too fussed about mismatching.





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