Flying during Covid

Travelling during a COVID

See my post on hotel quarantine.



Just yesterday I took a 22hr flight to Sydney with Etihad Airlines this was my experience. Before even flying I had to have a negative COVID test, this will apply to anyone how had a layover in Abu Dhabi. So it’s worth checking out country restrictions.

On the flight, there was water provided along with a Wellness kit which included a pair of gloves, a fresh face mask and sanitiser.

This is a private test that you have to pay for yourself, I know a lot of people who weren’t happy with this, however, I’m all for it if it’s preventing the virus from spreading and keeping people safe. (COVID test was taken 30hrs before the flight)

Check-in at Heathrow airport as well as going through security, it was such an empty airport. We had to wear our masks for the whole duration of the flight, so make sure you bring some good face cream as I found my face began to become irritated and dry.

When arriving at Sydney airport you are guided through different areas. you have your temperature checked and are asked a number of questions regarding how well you feel. Once passing through customs you then join a queue of people which is f

or the hotel quarantine, and no they don’t tell you which hotel you are going too. (It’s a surprise)

What should I pack in my cabin baggage?

Airlines will all have different rules. The cabin baggage allowance with Etihad has been reduced to 5kg, this caused so much hassle for myself as I was travelling with camera equipment as well as a laptop you will have to pay more if it is over 5kg.

Things to pack when you’re travelling during a pandemic.

  1. lots and lots of face masks
  2. hand sanitiser 
  3. face wipes 
  4. face wash 
  5. face cream 



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