Dopamine Dressing. Colourful clothes make you happy.

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We live in such dark times. 2020 has been one hell of a year so far, and people are suffering from self-care and mental health and isolating has been hard for everyone. The other day I whipped on some music and cleared out my wardrobe full of colourful clothes whilst dancing around dressing up in them ( A mini catwalk)




I came across an article recently about Dopamine dressing, which I am a huge advocate of already and thought it was interesting.

I 100% believe that wearing colour is a mood elevator. I only started to believe this when I started wearing colourful items of clothing and it’s actually a fact. when the eye takes in bright, bold hues like pink, red and green it triggers the release of dopamine, a powerful hormone that makes you feel happier.

One of my favourite celebrities Fearne cotton talks about this during lockdown due to COVID 19.

There are loads of brands out there who offer colourful clothing so it’s worth searching the web or checking out my previous post on Colourful Clothing.


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