It’s coffee o’clock

Who else is a Coffee addict? I’m addicted, the older I get the more I drink. I’ve had the opportunity to visit some amazing coffee houses so I thought I would share them with you, you never know you could be in the area. Also please suggest coffee houses for me to visit.



  1. Norwich-  Strangers–  I can’t get enough of their coffee flavours, they taste delicious. Worth a visit if your ever in Norwich
  2. Norwich- Aroma – Such a lovely coffee shop to visit, so many different coffees on offer and such a lovely place to sit in and watch the world go by.
  3. London –   Lady Dinah’s Love Cats and Coffee? If yes this place is for you, full of cute rescue cats and you can enjoy a coffee and piece of cake whilst being surrounded by cats.
  4. Melbourne AU- Journey MancafeSomeone once told me, you find the best coffee in Australia and it’s true. Their coffee is amazing if your ever in Melbourne you must visit this place.
  5. Sydney Au- Paramount Coffee Project 



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