My kind of News is Happy news.


What makes good News? I believe the good news is the news that makes us feel happy inside, makes us cry because we feel joy, brings humanity together.

I’m not a Newsreader, I dislike watching new channels and news sites. I gave up reading the News after getting very frustrated with all the negativity and fake news we are fed on a daily basis.

A friend suggested The Happy Newspaper to me and it is amazing. I call it my mood-lifter. It’s full of inspiration, and positive news from around the world which we can all agree we are needing more news like this. Do you want to hear about all the positive good things happening? Go and subscribe to The Happy Newspaper you won’t regret it.

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Newspaper from The Happy Newspaper  Skirt From Hell Bunny


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2 responses to “My kind of News is Happy news.”

  1. I lovee these photos and your bright skirt! It’s so important that we acknowledge positivity and positive news at this time of darkness:)

  2. Great post 😁

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