Isolation 101

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20 Things to do while in isolation. 

With lockdown still in place due to COVID 19, I’ve been keeping busy instead of staring at blank walls and being stuck to my screen all day. I’ve come up with a list of ideas you could do if your feeling bored.

  1. Played a game on a console solo or multiplayer. Literally just fell in Love with The Sims 4 again. Building a dream house or play a multiplayer game such as Crash Team Racers.
  2. Play a mobile game. Literally been scrolling through the app store finding so many free games to play. I’m currently playing Scrabble and Disney Kingdom. (I’m currently hooked on Animal Crossing Campsite.
  3. Use your art supplies. Been stockpiling any art supplies? Why not whip them out and create something with them.
  4. Grab a colouring book and relax.
  5. Start a youtube channel. Yes, that’s right I’m going to be starting a Youtube channel.
  6. Practice Photography.
  7. Read a book. Finish that book you’ve been meaning to finish.
  8. Learn a new skill. There are loads more websites offering free courses.
  9. Cook a meal.Lots of recipes on Pintrest
  10. Tackle that DIY project that needs to be done.
  11. Write a list of creative things you want to get up too or just general ideas.
  12. Start a blog.
  13. Do a video chat with coffee or a video chat playing a game. 
  14. Do a spring clean
  15. Have a declutter
  16. Go for your daily exercise
  17. Sunbathe.
  18. Watch a film or maybe a TV show. Netflix and Amazon Prime have so many TV shows and Films. (They also have Free trials available) 
  19. Relax and take a bath.
  20. Exercise. I use a 30-day app on my phone for this.




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